How does GoldPe work?

GoldPe is India’s most exciting savings app that gives you rewards on top of the returns you generate by saving in digital gold. When you invest/save in GoldPe, you earn tickets for playing draws, which can get you to win up to Rs. 10,00,000 every week. Saving in Gold will now become more fun and exciting.

Is GoldPe free to use? Are there any fees involved?

GoldPe is free to use and we do not charge anything to buy gold or to access the Rewards. Beware of any individual who claims to charge money to access any of our features.

Do I need to be above the Age of 18?

Yes, you must be an Indian national aged 18 years and above to buy and participate in any draws that we conduct. Also, if found guilty of not being of the required age, your investments can be subject to legal laws pertaining to Indian soil.

Is there any KYC that I need to undertake?

No, you do not need KYC to set up/complete your account. You also do not need KYC to invest in gold or to withdraw gold either.KYC is only mandatory if you look to invest more than Rs. 1,80,000 worth Gold in a year.

How is GoldPe better than other gold savings platforms?

While other apps out there are just good, GoldPe is amazing. You are rewarded with winnings over and above your returns you get from your savings in gold. We are on the mission to make savings fun and interesting, something we believe other apps are not doing at all.

Is there any risk in using GoldPe?

There are no inherent risks in using GoldPe. Your investments are safe and secure with our partner Augmont, which is a government-accredited entity to buy and sells gold in India.

Who should I contact in case of any queries?

We assure you to provide the best level of support. For any queries, feel free to us at

Is buying gold safe on GoldPe?

Buying Gold on GoldPe is safe and secure. We take utmost care when it comes to dealing with your money. Your money is invested in 24K 999 pure gold provided by Augmont, which is NABL and BIS accredited and a member of India Good Delivery standard on NSE, BSE and MCX. All gold is hallmarked by a government-approved hallmarking agency as per the BIS guidelines. This Gold is stored in 100% safe and secured in Sequel Vaults monitored by individual trustees.

What is the minimum value of Gold that I can buy?

With GoldPe you can buy a minimum of Rs.10 worth of gold. But if you want to participate in the drawings and win big, you must save a minimum of Rs. 100. That’s how you become eligible to get tickets.

Can I do SIP in GoldPe?

We currently allow only lumpsum payments into Gold. However, you can make it a habit to invest in regular intervals to average out the gold investment and get the benefit of winning more on GoldPe by getting more tickets.

Do I get best gold prices on GoldPe?

We partner with Augmont for Gold. At Augmont, the Buy and Sell prices are calculated using wholesale spot market pricing. They pass on the benefits from wholesale market prices to our consumers, making them more competitive than the competition.

Is GST included in the quoted prices?

All the prices quoted on the app are exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes. The applicable GST is added to the quoted price at the final stage of checkout. Please view the full breakup of the purchase before paying.

Where can I find the invoice for each order?

You can download the invoice from the My Transactions section in the app.

What is the returns that I get on gold?

In the last 5 years, gold has shown a growth of 80% which is annualized 16% p.a. returns. But, this is not always the case. Gold has inherent risks related to its prices in the actual market. Gold has been giving an average of 11% CAGR returns for the last 25 years, which means when kept for a longer duration, gold proves to be a perfect decision that you must take today.

Is my digital gold 24k?

Yes, the digital gold we provide is 24K with 999 pure gold provided by Augmont, which is NABL and BIS accredited and a member of India Good Delivery standard on NSE, BSE and MCX. All gold is hallmarked by a government-approved hallmarking agency as per the BIS guidelines.

Where is my gold stored?

The physical gold is stored safely in the vault of Sequel, the service which is utilized by various banks in India and also by various Asset Management Companies (AMCs) for their Gold-ETFs. The physical Gold stored in the vault is also covered by insurance.

When can sell my gold?

Once invested, you can sell your gold anytime after 48 hours. There’s no minimum lock-in period.We do recommend you to keep your savings in gold for a longer duration to get the benefit from the returns made from the market prices.

Why Sell Price and Buy Price are different?

Gold, like any other tradable commodity, has a buy-sell spread (Difference between Prices). This spread is subject to various factors like price volatility, supply, external market conditions, etc. On the platform, we transperately quote live prices. Furthermore, GST, which is imposed on the buy price, is not levied on the sell price, and there are other charges for payment gateways, trustees, and other services that contribute to the difference between the buy and sell prices.

I have Gold in Locker but it isn’t available for selling. Why?

Once invested, you can sell your gold anytime after 48 hours. The reason why you can’t see all of your gold available for selling is that a portion of it has been bought in the last 48 hours. Please wait for the cooling off period to get over and you will able to sell it.

For eg - If you bought 6gm of gold last week and another 3gm yesterday, you will only be able to sell the previous 6gm gold today and the other 3gm after 48 hours of buying.

What are Tickets?

Tickets & Jackpot in GoldPe are a form of in-app rewards systems that we have built to help you win big on top of your savings in Gold. The tickets as the name suggests, are tickets that can be assigned with 6 numbers, each ranging from 1 to 99.

Once created, the tickets enter every weekly drawings and give you chance to win every week by just investing/ saving once. Isn’t that itself a jackpot?

The tickets are non-expiring tickets and can’t be changed once created. To increase your chances of winning, you must save more, a habit that we feel you must take up.

How do I earn tickets?

You can get tickets to drawings in 2 ways:

1. On Direct saving in GoldPe.When you buy gold on GoldPe, you get tickets based on your savings.

Every ₹100 you save on GoldPe gives you 10 tickets. You get bonus tickets when you make savings based on the ongoing Bonus Ticket Offers.

2. By referring your friends to sign up for GoldPe.

You can earn more tickets by introducing GoldPe to your friends and getting them signed up to the app.When the sign up using your unique referral code, both of you get 5 tickets to the drawings that can make you take part and win the Jackpot!

How many tickets do I get for my savings?

Every ₹100 you save on GoldPe gives you 10 tickets.The tickets are only given when you save in multiple of hundreds in a single transaction.

Also, you get bonus tickets when you save more during the Bonus Ticket Offers that we bring from time to time. Like we currently give out extra 5 tickets when you invest ₹1000.

We want to make your savings easier to remember. Given you save only in 100s, help makes it convenient for you and for us. Who even buys gold in change? 😁 However, you can save in Gold with any amount you want. It's starts from as low as ₹10.

Are the tickets permanent in nature?

The tickets in the play are non-expiring tickets but are not of permanent. We reward you with tickets whenever you save in GoldPe. And when you decide to sell of the gold, we remove the tickets from the play. If you want to read more about how many tickets do you lose on selling gold, read more here.

Do I lose tickets if I redeem my winnings?

No, You don’t lose your tickets when you redeem your winnings but you do lose when you sell the Gold.

Do I lose tickets when I sell my Gold?

Yes, You lose proportionately more number of tickets on selling the Gold. Please check the numbers of tickets going out of the play while selling the gold.

How do Daily number drawings work?

Every night at 9PM IST, a daily winning number is revealed. All numbers range from 1-99. To check the winning numbers, open your GoldPe app any time after 9 PM IST.

The more numbers you match on your tickets, the more prizes you win.

That’s it! Every day we reveal one ball and the final FIRE ball on Saturdays.

How does FIRE-BALL Drawing works?

As mentioned, we conduct our final drawings on Saturdays. That’s the day when our final number FIRE-BALL is revealed. To check your winnings, open the GoldPe app anytime post 9 PM IST on Saturdays or Sundays & match your winning tickets.

As and when you are declared a winner of any prize, you can see your winnings on the dashboard and can redeem into Gold in the coming week.

Are there any Daily Prizes?

No, there aren’t any daily prizes. We are currently rewarding only on weekly basis. The draw is completed in a full week and you are rewarded with the winnings post all the numbers are drawn.

Do I need to pick new numbers every day?

No, You only need to assign numbers to the tickets when you get one.You can select the numbers manually or choose to auto-pick them as you like.

What are Prizes?

We reward you for saving in digital gold which is powered by Augmont, an accredited entity licensed to sell digital gold in India.

When you save in Gold through GoldPe, you earn tickets. These tickets let you take part in the weekly drawings conducted by us. When the numbers are drawn weekly, you get a chance to win prizes up to Rs. 10 Lakhs. Please refer to the below table to understand how prizes work:

How can I increase my chances?

You can increase your chances of winning by having more tickets and bringing them into the week’s play by activating them.

How do I redeem my winnings?

As and when you win, we automatically redeem your winnings in the form of Gold & add it to your locker. You never need to stress about the prizes, ever.

Can I never lose? Is there any catch?

By saving in GoldPe, you invest your money into Gold, which is an ever-increasing asset since time immemorial. Gold prices historically have gone up & keep goings up with time. When you invest with GoldPe, alongside the returns on Gold, you get a chance to win big with our rewards.

There’s no catch about our offer however there are risks associated with investments made in Gold. Please do your own research before saving/investing in gold.

How does the referral system work in GoldPe?

We are building a product that you will surely love and we want you to share with your close friends. After all, it’s amazing when you start saving for your future together. But make sure you only refer to your real friends. What if they win more than you? Haha 😁

When you Refer a friend and make them sign up using your Unique Referral Code, both of you get 5 bonus tickets to play and win the Jackpot in weekly draws.

Can I avoid saving directly and win only using referrals?

While we do understand the thought behind winning it all without investing, we believe it’s not a long-run solution for anyone of us. You must save continuously on GoldPe to generate stable returns and use our tickets to gain even more on top of the returns you are making. That’s how you really win.

What happens when I win using my referral tickets?

Just like all winnings you get to redeem your winnings into Gold. Simple. Save more on GoldPe to win more.