Save in Digital Gold & win rewards up to 10 Lakhs every week. Start your savings journey now!

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How it works
1. Savings
Save In 100% 24K Digital Gold
Buy 24K 999 Secure Digital Gold from our partner Augmont and start saving consistently for your future.
GoldPe Gold Locker
GoldPe Tickets
2. Play
Earn Tickets On Every Investment
Whenever you save in gold, you get a ticket to participate in weekly draws for lifetime. Select your number to enter the draw and win rewards every week.
3. Winnings
Win Rewards Every Week
Get unlimited rewards! Your tickets will be in play every week and will add more returns to your Digital Gold savings.
GoldPe Jackpot
You Can’t Lose, Ever.
Yearly gold returns*
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Win up to ₹10 Lakhs
Savings account interests
Union Bank
SBI Bank
*Based on last 15 years of CAGR
*Based on your odds of your win
You Can't Lose, Ever
You can't lose ever with GoldPe

Calculate Your Savings

save 100/day for 15 years
Total Gold you save after 15 years

Total Value

Saving frequency
Time Period
Savings amount
*The calculations are subject to the pervious performance of gold.
Gold Standard Security
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100% Secure Gold
The gold you buy is insured and securely stored in world class vaults with our partner Augmont. You get 24K 999 pure gold with high quality assurance of hallmarked Gold.
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Withdraw anytime with UPI
Investing in Gold has no minimum lock-in-period. You can withdraw your investment into your bank account by selling gold anytime on the app.

Loved By People Across India
Aditya profile picture
Aditya K.
I feel this is best gold savings app. I get chance to win every week during draws over my normal gold saving. This is so cool  👍
Neha Profile Picture
Neha B.
Very easy to use app. I like how I can now save money in gold and play game on goldpe. Wish to win big reward!
Suresh Profile Picture
Suresh Kumar
My friend recommended me this app & I was just impressed. Usual apps give me nothing on the gold. GoldPe gives me rewards on top of gold savings. Wow!

Save More. Win More.

The more you save, the more tickets you earn. The more tickets you have in play each week, the more you win. Start saving now!

Saving Sucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoldPe safe to invest?

GoldPe is 100% safe for investing in Digital Gold. It is powered by Augmont and all your payments happen over secure banking networks. Our Partner Augmont is NABL and BIS accredited and a member of India Good Delivery standard on NSE, BSE and MCX which this makes your investments safest than ever.

How can I win in the drawings?

We conduct weekly drawings and winners that get their tickets matched, win prizes upto ₹10 Lakhs. To win more prizes all you need to do is get more and more tickets into play. This can be done by either investing more amount into gold or referring your friends to invest using GoldPe.

What is fire ball?

Fireball is sixth and the final ball in the weekly draw. Check out the various combinations of your tickets with the Fireball to win big.

What happens when I sell my gold investment ?

Investing and selling your gold is very easy on GoldPe. As and when you hit sell we send the amount to your bank account via UPI. Also we discontinue proportionate amount of your most lucky tickets from the subsequent draws.

Are my tickets permanent?

GoldPe tickets are reserved for in-game drawings and are not permanent in nature. Every ticket even if it has won in the past, goes for the play in the next draw. When you sell your gold investment, we proportionately eliminate your most lucky tickets from the draws. To increase your chances of winnings, get more tickets & save more money.

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